How Many People Killed By Explosive Weapon In Ukraine?

How many people have been killed and injured by explosive weapon in the Russia-Ukraine War till now? As per the Action on Armed Violence (AOAV), the Russia- Ukraine war has led to 2,264 casualties from explosive weapon use since the invasion began on February 24.

In 170 incidents, the AOAV says 1,903 civilian casualties were recorded (1,048 killed, 855 injured).

  • 61 armed-actor casualties (180 killed, 181 injured);
  • Among the civilian, casualties are at least 86 children, 24 women and 55 men
  • 97 per cent (1,844) of civilian casualties occurred in populated areas. Of the total recorded casualties (including armed-actors),
  • Ground-launched explosive weapons (missile strikes, artillery shelling, and rockets) caused 64 per cent (1,211) of civilian casualties
  • Air-launched explosive weapons (specifically air strikes) caused 33 per cent (624) of civilian casualties. Three per cent (60) of civilian casualties caused by multiple types of explosive weapons, and >1 per cent (5) of civilian casualties caused by naval-launched weapons and landmines.
  • Civilian casualties from explosive weapons have been recorded in Donetsk (681 civilians), Kharkiv (291), Mykolaiv (270), Kyiv (215), Chernihiv (139), Luhansk (128), Sumy (39), Zhytomyr (38), Zaporozhzhia (30), Rivne (29), Dnirpopetrovsk (16), Odessa (10), Vinnytsia (6), Lviv (5), Kherson (3), Poltava (2), and Cherkasy (1).
  • The location-types in which civilian casualties have been reported are urban residential areas (481 civilian casualties), entertainment venues (300), Multiple urban spaces (285), villages (255), transport related infrastructure (169), hospitals (101), schools (92), public buildings (78), no location information (38), commercial premises (33), other (19), armed bases (16), roads (9), town centres (6), hotels (3), agricultural land (2), and markets (1)

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