Homicide deaths top the killing chart


Deaths due to criminal activity was more than the deaths caused by terrorist attacks or armed conflicts, according to the Global Study on Homicide by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

The report says that as many as 4.64 lakh homicides were committed in 2017 whereas only 89,000 people were killed in terrorism related incidents and 26,000 lost lives in armed conflicts. It says that organised crime alone adds to death and added that an average of about 65,000 killings related to organised crime takes place annually. The report points out that 19 per cent of the homicides were related to organised crime.

The Global Study on Homicide says that the Americas had reported 17.2 per 1,00,000 population of the total reported homicides in the world with about 1,73,000 victims.  Africa with 13 per lakh population of homicide was also not far from the Americas. In Europe the figure stood at 3 per 1,00,000 populace. And the .lowest rate of homicide was reported from Asia, which was just 2.3.The report also notes that Homicide rates in most populated Asia was much lower than the less populated Americas.Homicide deaths top the killing chart

The report notes that one of the leading causes of death among the younger generation (15 to 29) was homicide. It also points out that woman homicides lowered in numbers from 2012 to 2017.  About 87,000 women were victims of homicide in 2017, the report added. However, the report notes that the killing of women by their partners or family members rose in 2017 when compared to the percentage in 2015. When it was 47 per cent in 2015, it was 58 per cent in 2017. It also says that Home was the most dangerous place for women where they are victimised the most. .

The children of 14 years of age or under who were victims of homicide in 2017 were 21,540 . However, the report says that the trend of homicide of children in this age group has not changed. While homicide rates among this age group of children in Europe came down, it had increased in the Americas, the report said.

Asia accounted for the largest number of women killed by their partners or family members. The figures stood at about 20,000 in 2017.

The homicide rates have seen an increase in Americas over the years and now it stood at 17.2 per 1,00,000 people. The figures show that Central America was the worst with a rate of 62.17. Meanwhile, the homicide rates in Europe were shown as declining in the report. It says that the rates have come low by 63 per cent since 2002. Asia also saw a significant lowering of the rates with a 36 per cent low from 1990.

Stating that shooting was the main cause of homicide worldwide, the report points out America lead the countries. Asian countries are also not far behind in homicide using firearms. The report says that the actual picture in Africa was not yet known as correct data was not available from many countries.

With respect to homicide and health issues, the report says that such violence has impacted the public health service, especially in developing countries. It said that mental health issues are more common among the people where the homicide rates are higher.

In the report, it has been pointed out that poverty played a major role in crimes. It says that people may indulge in violent activities for survival. When the nation falls short of economy, the state may witness an increase in crimes as the financial constraints may lead to low investment in law enforcing agencies that could lead to an increase of crimes.Homicide deaths top the killing chart

Of all the crimes, the report says that men and boys form the bulk of the victims as well as perpetrators of the crime.

In the report, it has been said that children who fail to get quality education are more likely to engage in violent activities. As such, the report says that education could help in lowering homicide rates.

Another cause of homicide and increased criminal activities is attributed to inequality in income. The countries having a higher inequality are likely to come across more criminal activities. Apart from socio-political inequality also leads to an increased criminal rate.


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