Sunday, January 24, 2021

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Rise In Cardiac Ailments In Winter: Dr Naresh Purohit

The fast-dipping mercury and bone chilling winter  amid the post- covid trauma have led to a rise in cases of heart-related issues . There have...

Two Billion have no healthy diet in Asia pacific region

With Coronavirus pandemic having its worst impact on the economy and food prices surging, about two billion people in Asia and the Pacific are...

Treaty against Nuclear weapons comes into force

In a historic moment, the Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which  is the first nuclear disarmament instrument in more than two decades, came...

Bhavana, the woman fighter pilot creates history

Bhawana Kanth, the first Indian woman who qualified for combat mission in a fighter jet, adds another feather to her cap on January 26....

Know the Indians in White House

For the first time in the history of United States, more than 20 Indian-Americans are appointed/nominated for top posts in the Joe Biden Government.

Surveying elephants using satellite; a revolution in animal counting 

In a revolutionary step, satellite cameras coupled with computer algorithms helped in counting elephants in the complex geographical landscapes. The new method of using satellite...
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