Friday, September 22, 2023

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Anticipation Grows as World Gears Up for Climate Ambition Summit

The world is at a pivotal moment in the fight to protect our planet, and the momentum is about to reach new...

Hypertension Crisis: 4 in 5 Inadequately Treated

In a shocking report, the World Health Organisation revealed that four out of every people with hypertension are not receiving adequate treatment....

DeepMind AlphaMissense: Accelerating Disease Gene Discovery

In a groundbreaking development, DeepMind, the AI firm under Google's umbrella, has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to pinpoint alterations in human DNA linked to various diseases. Initially recognized for its AI programs conquering complex games, such as Go, DeepMind ventured into the realm of medicine with AlphaFold, an AI program renowned for accurately predicting protein structures, a formidable challenge in the field of biology.

Incurable Dog Disease Spreads to Humans in the UK –Know More

In a startling development, a dog disease previously believed to be confined to canines has infected three individuals in the United Kingdom. The UK Health Security Agency has confirmed that three Britons have contracted this disease

Economic Outlook: Growth Slows, Inflation Persists, Risks Remain

The world economy is expected to see moderate growth in 2023, projected at 3.0%, but is anticipated to slow down slightly to 2.7% in 2024. This economic growth is largely driven by Asia, despite a weaker recovery in China than expected. However, global growth in 2024 is likely to be lower, primarily due to monetary policy becoming more visible and China's subdued domestic demand, said OECD in its latest report.

Diverse Seedlings Hold Key to Accelerating Tropical Forest Restoration

A groundbreaking ecological experiment led by the University of Oxford on Borneo Island demonstrates the remarkable potential of replanting logged tropical forests with diverse seedlings in expediting their recovery. Published in the journal Science Advances, the study underscores the significance of biodiversity preservation in pristine forests and its restoration in recovering logged forests.