India Halts Ravi River Flow to Pakistan

India redirects Ravi River flow, bolstering Jammu and Kashmir agriculture while upholding treaty obligations

Gaganyaan Astronauts; Pioneers of Space Exploration

Prime Minister Modi unveils the pioneers of India's Gaganyaan mission, showcasing the nation's strides in space exploration with a team of elite astronauts trained for the challenges of low-Earth orbit.

Teenagers’ Concerns and Knowledge Gaps in Sex Education

Discover insights from UCL studies revealing teenagers' worries about parenthood and gaps in their reproductive health education, urging improvements in sex education curriculum.

Healing Powers of Himalayan Pink Salt

Discover the myriad benefits of Himalayan pink salt, from regulating blood pressure to promoting digestive health and relieving stress. Explore how this ancient remedy can enhance your overall well-being and vitality.

Open Book Exams: CBSE Pilots a Paradigm Shift in Assessment

CBSE unveils a pilot program for Open Book Exams in select classes, aiming to assess critical thinking and application of knowledge over rote memorization. Dive deeper into the format, rationale, and potential impact on students.

Evolutionary Saga: Human Sex Determination in Flux

Explore the evolutionary journey of human sex determination and the potential extinction of the Y chromosome.

Lions Naming Controversy: Renaming Amid Religious Dispute

indian court mandates renaming of lions in west bengal zoo following religious sensitivity debate.

Heart-Healthy Power of Salmon: Weapon against Cholesterol

: Discover how incorporating salmon into your diet can combat high cholesterol and promote heart health. Learn about the research-backed benefits of salmon consumption and explore nutritious recipes to incorporate this super food into your meals.

Hidden Dangers of Sipping Water from Plastic Bottles

Have you ever stopped to consider the implications of sipping water from plastic bottles? Despite their convenience, these ubiquitous vessels conceal a...

Antibody Offers Universal Protection Against Deadly Snakebite

Explore the latest breakthrough in snakebite treatment: a revolutionary antibody offering universal protection against deadly snake venoms.

Deciphering the Puzzle of Depression and Body Temperature


Mammalapuram Leads India’s Green Energy Revolution

Discover how the historic Shore Temple in Mamallapuram achieves India's first Green Energy Archaeological Site status through innovative initiatives, blending heritage conservation with sustainable practices.

Losses and Rising Temperatures: A Recap of Natural Disasters in 2023

Delve into the repercussions of natural disasters in 2023, exacerbated by climate change, and explore the trends in severe storms, rising temperatures, and the urgent need for adaptation.

Unveiling the Human Toll of Europe’s Migration Policies

Discover the harrowing truth behind Europe's migration policies revealed in the latest MSF report, urging urgent humanitarian action.

Ukraine War: Unraveling the Devastating Impact Two Years On

As the world marks two years of Ukraine war, the devastating impact of the war continues to reverberate, casting a long shadow over the nation and its people. The aftermath of the war paints a grim picture, with staggering statistics bearing witness to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine. With over 10,200 civilians confirmed killed and more than 19,300 injured, the true toll is likely far greater due to under-reporting. The conflict has uprooted nearly four million people within Ukraine, including approximately one million children, while over 6.3 million have sought refuge globally—amounting to roughly one-third of Ukraine's total population

Nexus of Burnout and Physical Health

Explore the dynamic interplay between burnout and physical well-being, uncovering the hidden toll of chronic stress on the body.

Cannabis: Links to Anxiety

Dive into groundbreaking research exposing the unexpected connections between cannabis use and anxiety.

Farmer ‘s Strike; 4th round and diversification plan

Get insights into the details of the government's proposal to Punjab farmers during the fourth round of talks, including assurances on minimum support prices (MSP) for pulses, cotton, and maize. Explore the Punjab government's stance and the response from farmer leaders, along with expert analysis on the proposal's potential impact on agricultural sustainability.

Chronic Wasting Disease; Implications for Wildlife, Human Health

Chronic wasting disease (CWD), often called "zombie deer disease", is quietly spreading among deer populations in North America, raising concerns among scientists and the public. Learn about the disease, its potential impact on human health, and the urgent need for coordinated action to address this growing threat.

Childhood cancers In India

More than 50,000 new cases of childhood cancer occur each year in India, adding to the existing burden of the disease. The most common cancers in children are blood cancers, such as leukemia, which account for about 30 percent of childhood cancers.