Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Russia vaccinates the rich and the powerful against Covid; public launch...

Russia may be the first to launch a corona vaccine in August, not India, China or the US as expected earlier. According to reports, Russia...




G20 Expert Group on Strengthening Multilateral Development Banks

G20 Expert Group on Strengthening Multilateral Development Banks

Under the aegis of India’s G20 Presidency, a G20 Expert Group on “Strengthening Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) has been constituted.
Russian Tactical Nuclear WEAPONS arhead to Belarus; What it means

Russian Tactical Nuclear Warhead to Belarus; What it means?

Russia on March 27, 2023,said it would not change its plans of deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, the neighbouringcountry and a key ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin despite the growing criticisms globally. Two days ago,Putin had declared that his country would stationsome of the tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.
Living Near Busy Road Adds to tension

Living Near Busy Road Adds to tension

Living near a busy road and constantly hearing sound of roaring engines, honking horns and wailing sirens makes the blood pressure rise. A new study published in JACC: Advances confirms this.
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Economic Slowdown; Workers to get Low Quality, Paid Less Jobs

Unemployment Stands At 205 Million in 2022

Covid 19 pandemic created labour crisis is far from over and the global unemployment is expected to stand at 205 million people in 2022....

Astronaut Koch creates history staying 328 days in space

Astronaut Christina Koch gets the distinction of serving the longest number of days in space. She has now spent 328 days in the International...
Renewable to Dominate World Electricity

Renewables to Dominate World Electricity

Renewables are set to dominate the growth of the world’s electricity supply over the next three years as together with nuclear power...


Antarctica was once a rainforest: researchers

The ice covered Antarctica once was a swampy rainforest if the new findings are to be believed.  A team of explorers have come across...