Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Good Nurition Important For Complete Recovery Post Covid

Post-covid recovery is a prolonged affair, supported by the fact that even after testing negative most people experience fatigue. The novel Coronavirus takes a...
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New Vande Bharat Express Gives Aircraft-like Travelling Experience

New Vande Bharat Express Gives Aircraft-like Travelling Experience

Prime Minister Narendra Modion September 30 flagged off the new Vande Bharat Express, which is the third in the Vande Bharat series...
One Health for Feeding the Hungry

One Health for Feeding the Hungry

What about One Health approach to plant health for feeding a growing population expected to reach ten billion by 2050? Well, a...

Much Stress Leads to Think More Negative in Spouse’s Behaviour

Stressful life can affect relations between married couples. Well, a person with much stress  is more likely to see their spouse’s negative...
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Flowers to Manure; engineering duo shows the way to a greener world

This is not a new story but an old one but still inspiring to those who love to breathe good air and also have...

Clare Connor to become first woman president of MCC

In its 233 years of history, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has got its first woman president with former England team captain Clare Connor chosen to lead...

Corona Revelations: Focus on positives to win the psychological battle

The world is making a valiant fight against a double-edged sword called Corona Virus which has not just spread far and wide, but also...


Geojit launches bespoke WhatsApp Channel to simplify stock trading and mutual...

Using registered mobile numbers, clients can chat with the dealers for stock trading, invest in Mutual Fund, track fund transfer, view Geojit research reports...
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