High-speed internet for all; Kerala launches K Phone 

All Over Dominance of Vijayan; No More Dissident Voice

Aimed at providing high-speed internet access to everyone, Kerala rolled out K Phone on Monday, February 15.

Launching the first phase of K phone, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that it would become the largest internet provider in Kerala. It will connect 30,000 Government Offices and Educational Institutions in the state. Apart from this, it will also provide high-speed broadband connectivity for homes. K Phone will have a speed of 10 Mbps to one Gbps.


eHealth, e-Education and other e-services to get a boost

Vijayan said that the government was to ensure that there was no digital gap in Kerala. The aim is to make Internet based services available at the fingertips of the people of the state, he added.


With the realization of K Phone, government agencies such as eHealth, e-Education and other e-services can increase capacity by adding more bandwidth. With high-speed connectivity, the Chief Minister said that the state could maintain high quality surveillance cameras and a better traffic management system.

More than 30,000 educational institutes and government offices to get the benefit.


In the first phase, K Phone connectivity is available in 1,000 government offices in seven districts. He also pointed out that only ten percent of government offices are now connected to the State Network even though there is a net boom. Most of the homes have not switched to high-speed broadband, Chief Minister Vijayan said and added that K phone would change the scenario.


As part of the project, more than 20 Lakh Below Poverty Line (BPL) families in the state will benefit from K Phone project. Kerala State IT Infrastructure Limited and Kerala State Electricity Board Limited is implementing the K Phone high-speed internet project. Both the departments are responsible for linking houses in the state along with more than 30,000 educational institutes and government offices.



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