Herbal Lipsticks for a healthy Lip



Lipstick is the most widely used cosmetic in the world and rough estimates show that its market will reach a whooping 8670 million dollars in 2021. In the world of synthetic colours , a substitute with natural colours has been launched with the Scientists of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research -Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology extracting natural dyes and colours from plant and vegetable sources.

The scientists have succeeding with natural colours with overcoming the main impediment that natural colours are not stable. The scientists at the institute has now come out with stabilised natural colours with blending of essential oils in cosmetically suitable base materials. They have
Come out with herbal lipsticks in different colours of cherry red, purple, orange and pink.

CSIR-IHBT director Sanjay Kumar said that the technology would help in preparing herbal lipstick and has great market potential.

Stating that natural colours and dyes are important in today’s world because of the increased risk of synthetic colours, Kumar said that natural dyes and colours would have a good markets they are hazardous free. The herbal lipsticks would be a solution to the allergies and other complications due to synthetic lipsticks. The daily use of synthetic colours has led to several skin issues in people such as discoloration, cancers, neurotoxicity, dermatitis and irritation.


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