Heavy breakfast can reduce weight

Fasting for 14 hours a day, particularly within a ten-hour eating window, not only aids weight loss but also leads to notable improvements in energy levels, mood, sleep quality, and reduced hunger, according to a recent study.

There are different suggestions whether one should eat heavily for the breakfast or not.

German researchers say, one should go for healthy and heavy breakfast and it will help lose weight.

Lead researcher Dr. Juliane Richter, a neurobiologist at Lubeck University in Germany, claimed that those who have a substantial breakfast are more likely to burn up to two and a half times more calories than those who skip breakfast. Thus, heavy breakfast eaters stand a better chance at losing weight, she added.

According to the researchers, the secret to this theory could lie in the diurnal differences in metabolism. They worked on diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT) or heat energy that is produced from the food eaten.

Extensive breakfasting should be preferred over large dinner meals to prevent obesity and high blood glucose peaks even under conditions of a hypocaloric diet.

The researchers attempted to find if there was any variation in the thermogenesis throughout the day and how it could assist in losing weight. For this study, the team included 16 men aged an average of 23 years and having normal body weights. These men underwent lab-based research for three days. They were divided into two groups.

The results revealed the benefits of a heavy breakfast over a heavy dinner. The team suggests that the most substantial meal of the day should be breakfast and the smallest should be dinner.

“The food-induced increase of blood glucose and insulin concentrations were diminished after breakfast compared with dinner,” according to the study. Those that ate smaller breakfast also had a greater craving for sweets meaning they were at a greater risk of snacking and eating between meals. “Low-calorie breakfast increased feelings of hunger, specifically appetite for sweets during the course of the day,” the team explained.


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