Has Ukraine War Impacted Happiness of Britons?

A devastating report published by the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine sheds light on the harrowing toll that the ongoing conflict has taken on Ukrainian civilians. Since the conflict erupted in February 2022, nearly 10,000 individuals have lost their lives, and tens of thousands have been wounded, painting a bleak picture of the impact of Russia's full-scale invasion.

Does war take an emotional toll on the people across the world? Yes, they do and a latest survey by YouGov on the impact of Ukraine war on Britons showed that the Ukraine war has taken an emotional toll on them despite they being far away from the frontiers.

The latest data from YouGov’s “mood tracker” shows feelings of stress, fear, and sadness of the people of Britons towards the Ukraine war.


About 36 per cent (a third of Britons)  say they have been sad in the last seven days, up 5pts from 31 percent on February 24, and 12pts compared to February 10. This latest data point is higher than the beginning of the initial COVID-19 lockdown (March 2020), when sadness reached a peak of 33 per cent.


Meanwhile, 23 per cent of the Britons reported feeling scared in the last week, a leap of 13pts versus February 17 and the highest since the previous peak of 36% in mid-March 2020. This rise has been steepest among the oldest Britons – many of whom will no doubt be drawing parallels between recent events and the nuclear tensions of the 60s. The number of those 65 and over feeling scared rose 16pts from 6% in mid-February to 22% now. The proportion of people feeling happy dropped 8pts (to 38%) compared to the middle of February – representing its lowest point since March 2021. the YouGov said.


The YouGov said that 47 per cent of Britons said that they have felt stressed in the past week – up 7pts. The last time this many Britons reported feeling stressed was late-March 2020 – again, amidst the uncertainty of the first pandemic lockdown. Young people are particularly hard hit by stress, with two-thirds of those aged 18 to 24 (66%) feeling this way recently – double that of their elders. In comparison, 54% of those aged between 25-29 and 42% of 50- to 64-year-olds feel the same, as do 30% of those 65 and over,


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