Hard physical work means higher risk of dementia


It is not just the muscles and joints that worn down by hard physical work. The heart as well as the brain also suffers. A new study has revealed that men doing hard physical work have more chance of developing dementia than those who do sedentary work.

The study was held by researchers’ at the University of Copenhagen.  The researchers said that people engaged in hard physical work have a 55 per cent higher risk of developing dementia than others.

As part of the findings, the researchers have asked the health workers to take into account physical activities when dealing people with dementia. It was known that physical activity reduced the risk of dementia. Apart from this, other studies have claimed that a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of developing dementia conditions.

Stating that the World Health Organisation guideline points out that physical activity was an important factor in the treatment of dementia, the researchers said that physical activity was good but not the hard physical work.

The researchers also point out in t6he study that some of the work places have already started to make changes in their work atmosphere. The study finds that people engaged in hard work should avoid heavy lifts if they wish to work until 70 years of age.

The researchers made the conclusion after analysing data from the Copenhagen Male Study (CMS). This included 4,721 Danish men and the 14 large Copenhagen based companies were made part of the study.



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