Happy workers are more productive

Afternoon Productivity Slump: New Study Reveals Employee Performance Decline, Especially on Fridays

Happy workers make the most productive workers in the world. A study by the Said Business School of Oxford University in collaboration with BT Telecom (British multinational telecom) into happiness and productivity has shown that workers are 13 per cent more productive when they are happy.

The research was held in the Contact centres of BT Telecom by the Business school. The workers in the telecom company were asked to mark their happiness weekly over a period of six months using an email survey.

Jan-Emmanuel De Neve (Said Business School) Clement Bellet (Erasmus University) and George Ward (MIT) were the three researchers who were involved in the study. The data collected from the workers were then compared with the data collected from the telecom company that was used to measure their productivity. It was found that the workers used to attend more calls and converted them into sales when they were happier.

De Neve was quoted as saying that their research has proved that happiness is related to work and that there has been such concrete evidence to prove it. It was also found that happy workers did not work for more hours than others who were discontent.

The researchers also note that it was not that the individuals who benefit from being happy but the employers also get the fruits of benefits.


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