Hamara Bajaj has a second innings


It is second innings for Bajaj Chetak. A scooter that rules the Indian roads is coming back after 14 long years with the manufacturers announcing the launch of Bajaj Chetak – e scooter.

Coming back, the Chetak will hit the roads of Pune and Bangalore in 2020. The e- scooter will come in two variants and comes in 85 km and 95 km ranges.

Once a household name, Bajaj Chetak was the much sought after scooter in India. The waiting list for the scooters had even extended beyond a year, which shows the popularity of the scooter. Bajaj had stopped production of scooters in 2009 and concentrated on motorbikes.

Coming in a neo retro design, the new Bajaj avatar stands tall among all the scooters. It uses a four kw electric motor and comes with IP67 lithium ion battery. According to the manufacturers, the battery would be charged in approximately five hours. In one charge, the Chetak is supposed to cover about a 100 Kms. It comes in Echo and sport ride models. The headlights coming in LED lights give a splendid look for the e-scooter. The Bajaj Chetak e-scooter comes in six colour variants, including gold and classic ivory.

The manufacturers have not yet announced the price and would be making it public when the first scooters reach the showrooms. However, there are indications that the scooter may come above Rs one lakh.


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