“Grandfather express”, a school bus for Grandchildren from a grandfather



“Grandfather Express” is now a sensation in the social media and everyone is talking about how a grandfather bought a school bus to take all his grandchildren to school. On Christmas day, the ten grandchildren of Doug Hayes from Oregon were quite surprised to see that their grandfather had bought a school bus for them.

Written on the sides “Grandfather express”, the yellow school bus was an idea that came to the mind of Hayes when he saw that five of his grandchildren studied in schools that did not have school bus. His grandchildren always used to tell him their wish of going to the school in a school bus. And this was what made this grandfather go for having a school bus for his grandchildren.

Five of Haye’s grandchildren studied at Paideia Classical Christian School, a small school that could not afford to have a school bus. The other five of his grand children are yet to o to go to school. All his children lived only 20 minute distance and the school was only about three miles away.
On the idea of buying a school bus for his grandchildren, Hayes say that his wife Amy had helped him with the unique idea.
Hayes and Amy are already much attached to their children and grandchildren and they get together once a week and many times a month. He also said that it was real fun to pick the gchildren from their hom,e and drop them in the school and then back home after school hours.
Haye and his wife want to keep the school bus as long as they could. They know that it would not be possible to keep the school bus for a longer period as the children were growing. He said that it was only a matter of years but still the time spending with them is so joyful.


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