Government launches location-based app, Corona Kavach, to alert on corona cases

Union Government has launched an app, Corona Kavach, to alert the users if they are at risk of catching the virus or crossing the locations where infection is there, in a bid to control the spread of the deadly disease.

The location-based app was launched by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in association with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MHFW).

First one has to answer some questions like breathing problems, body temperature etc which will mark you as good or needs to see a doctor. Once we activate the app while going out, it will alert you if you are in the proximity of another person either infected by Coronavirus or at high risk. This way, you can remain safe from catching the virus.

The app is currently in its beta phase and will go through some tests for a final version. The app will also provide you with Coronavirus-related information, information about the active cases in India, breathing capacity tracker and self-diagnostic tool.

There are three options on the lower part of the app. The first is an Upload option to upload your Unique ID, the second option is the Kavach option to start tracking you when you step out, and the third is Options section to take the questionnaire and the breaking exercise.


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