Google Play Store removes 600 apps for disruptive ads

Whether playing a game, chatting or reading, advertisements may be big distractions to most of you. Finally, Google is coming to your help, at least to a certain extent. It has started with some 600 apps which may still be only a tiny portion of over 3 million apps.

Google announced that it it had removed ‘nearly 600’ apps from the Google Play Store – banning them from monetising ads too – for their disruptive advertisements.

Specifically, Google says that “disruptive” ads are those that are displayed to users in “unexpected ways” such as when ads show up when you’re not actually using the device, or if you get a surprise full-screen ad when trying to make a phone call, unlocking your phone, or otherwise.

There have been widespread criticism about these adds and people felt that Apple’s App Store was more safer than the Google Play Store . The app review process by Google was described as less stringent than Apple’s, which is known to frequently deny new apps and updates.

Moreover, it’s only the beginning, according to Google. Pain-in-the-butt developers are always finding new ways to mask disruptive ads, but Google says it’s developed new technologies to help discover such trickery. For example, the company says a new machine-learning approach to detect when ads are shown out of context is what led to today’s enforcement. Here’s to fewer disruptive ads going forward


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