Give empty plastic bottles and get meal from these dhabas in Haryana

Plastic waste is a perennial problem. Two dhabas in Haryana are addressing this problem in a different way, with the support of the municipal corporation which wants to spread awareness against plastic waste and also find solution to littering of plastic bottles across the city.

At the Janata Bhojanalaya and Hunda Ram Ji Ka Shudha Vaishno Dhaba in Hisar of Haryana, one can get a wholesome meal in lieu of 20 empty plastic bottles. The Hisar city’s municipal corporation has tied up with these dhabas for this unique initiative.

The City administration thought of this after seeing the piles of plastic bottles in several places of the city. They approached some dhabas and two of them agreed to the idea. Once the bottles are collected they will be used as pots to plant saplings.

Kashish Arora, owner of Hunda Ram Ji Ka Shudha Vaishno Dhaba was quoted saying in the media that he agreed to the idea as it help the environment to get rid of plastic which is good for the society.

The initiative was launched 45 days ago, and since then the dhaba has seen only one customer come in with 20 plastic bottles for the free meal. The owners now expect that with some media coverage and outreach, more people will participate in the initiative.


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