Girls are equally brainy like boys for mathematics

Girls Failed by Sexism, Gender Stereotypes in Maths Skill

It is not right that girls cannot excel in science, technology or maths. The world has proven it many times.

Now a scientific study has endorsed it once again, that it is just a myth that women cannot thrive in science or engineering or mathematics due to biological deficiencies in math aptitude.

Jessica Cantlon at Carnegie Mellon University led a research team that comprehensively examined the brain development of young boys and girls. The research found that there is no gender difference in brain function or math ability.

“Science doesn’t align with folk beliefs,” said Cantlon, the Ronald J. and Mary Ann Zdrojkowski Professor of Developmental Neuroscience at CMU’s Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences and senior author on the paper. “We see that children’s brains function similarly regardless of their gender so hopefully we can recalibrate expectations of what children can achieve in mathematics.”

The team used functional MRI to measure the brain activity in 104 young children (3- to 10-years-old; 55 girls) while watching an educational video covering early math topics, like counting and addition. The researchers compared scans from the boys and girls to evaluate brain similarity.

They found no difference in the brain development of girls and boys. There is also no difference in how boys and girls processed math skills and were equally engaged while watching the educational videos. Finally, boys’ and girls’ brain maturity were statistically equivalent when compared to either men or women in the adult group.


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