Get your own Drone Picture of Corbett National Park

Tiger Kill Still Needs Attanetion


It is going to be a real experience at the Corbett National Park and to cherish them home with the Uttarakhand Government allowing pictures and videos to be taken using drones in the state forest areas. With this, environmentalists and nature lovers and even wild life tourists could take back home pictures and videos that they most cherish to keep as treasure of their journeys through the wild.

Uttarakhand has two tiger reserves and seven sanctuaries. For picturing and videographing the wild, one has to get prior sanction from the Uttarakhand Forest department. Moreover, all the pictures and videos that are shot can only be made public with the consent of the forest department. The drones will also be not allowed to fly over the international boundaries.

Coordinator of Forest Drone Force Parag Madhukar was quoted as saying that the decision to allow drone photography and videography was taken as a step to boost wild life tourism in the state. The drones that would be used will be below 250 grams of weight that need no sanction from the aviation department.

This is not the first time that drones are being used in forest regions. The Uttarakhand Forest department had already introduced them to check criminal activities in the forest region. The Forest Drone Force has now 25 drones that is commonly used to check on visitors and also to curb any criminal activities.


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