G20 EMPOWER Meet Focus on Women’s Economic Empowerment

A political storm has erupted as a G20 Summit dinner invitation bears the name 'President of Bharat,' breaking away from the customary 'President of India' title. The move has triggered sharp reactions, with the opposition alleging a possible name change for India to Bharat, framing it as an

Aimed at “ transformative changes towards women’s economic empowerment”, the second G20 EMPOWER meeting under India’s year-long presidency to take forward the country’s women-led development agenda is scheduled to be held from 4-6 April in Thiruvananthapuram. 

The theme of the G20 EMPOWER 2nd Meeting is “Women’s Empowerment: A Win-Win for Equity and Economy”.  The G20 Alliance for the Empowerment and Progression of Women’s Economic Representation (EMPOWER) is an alliance of G20 business leaders and governments that aims to accelerate women’s leadership and empowerment in the private sector. The G20 EMPOWER 2023 under India’s presidency aims to take forward India’s women-led development agenda.


Minister of State for Ministry of Women & Child Development Dr. MunjparaMahendrabhai Chair of G20 EMPOWER 2023 Dr. Sangita Reddy will be present for the meeting.

The G20 EMPOWER 2nd Meeting will be initiated, with an opening plenary session on Achieving Economic Prosperity by Empowering Women: Towards 25×25 Brisbane Goals followed by panel discussions. The highlights during these dialogues would include Advancing Women’s Entrepreneurship through Mentoring & Capacity Building; Market Access and Financing; Role of STEM Education & Innovation for Scaling up Businesses; Enabling Leadership across all levels including at Grassroots; Holistic Wellbeing, including Mental and Preventive Health for Women’s Empowerment; Increasing Investment for Quality & Reach of Education, Digital Fluency and Lifelong Learning; Strengthening Women’s Participation in Scientific and Non-traditional Sectors of Work.

The side events on April 4 will also take up very important issues in the form of panel discussions on Enabling ‘School-to-Work’ Transitions and Career Development Opportunities; Investing in an Enabling Infrastructure to Support the Care Economy; Navigating Corporate Culture for Women Empowerment.

An Exhibition designed and curated by the National Institute of Fashion Technology is being organised alongside the main event to showcase women’s engagement in the cultivation and production of Tea, Coffee, Spices and Coir, work of women-led FPOs and Indigenous Toys, Handloom & Handicrafts crafted by women as well as ayurvedic and wellness products. The exhibition will have digital features that will provide an immersive experience to the audience.


In addition to the sessions, a visit to Kerala Arts and Crafts village (KACV) has been planned which will expose the delegates to Indian arts & crafts and will provide an opportunity to the participants to interact with the crafts persons. Cultural programs will be organised in the evenings which will present an engaging glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of India. Local cuisine and millet-based food will also be served during the events for participants to experience the traditional practises and fine cuisine of India.

The closing plenary session will focus on identifying key outcomes and establishing actions across G20 EMPOWER priorities on points of consensus.

The Closing Plenary of the G20 EMPOWER Inception Meeting had reiterated its collective belief in women-led development and pledged to invalidate the assumption that it will take 132 years to close the gender gap (World Economic Forum 2022) through urgent, determined, bold and transformative actions by the Alliance.

The thematic discussions and deliberations in the various sessions will reflect in the Communique of G20 EMPOWER and will be provided as recommendations to G20 leaders.  Points of consensus that will emerge from the outcomes from the main events and side events in all the international meetings will be part of the Communique for the G20 EMPOWER 2023.

India believes G20 EMPOWER has a crucial role to set the agenda for the next phase of development towards economic prosperity while we place women at the heart of our efforts to achieve a better tomorrow.

“If you want to get your future right, if you want to be future-ready, make sure that women are at the centre of the discourse & that women are at the centre of your decision,” said Minister of Women and Chid Development Smrithi Irani.


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