From condoms to sex toys, Russians fight isolation in a cool way

From condoms to sex toys and porn sites, Russians are fighting the corona lockdown in a cool way.

Reports from the country said the traffic to the porn sites have gone up with people are mostly locking themselves inside the homes. Pornhub’s worldwide traffic spiked by 18.5% on March 24, when it made its premium content free to visitors for a month to encourage self-isolation amid the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Pornhub is one of the most followed sites in Russia.

Hong Kong saw the next-highest traffic surge at 42.5% on March 24, followed by Portugal’s 36.5%, and Spain’s and Mexico’s 30%. The website’s traffic surge in the United States and Canada jumped by 17.8% and 16% respectively.

According to another report, condoms and sex toys were among the most sought-after items ahead of the lockdown. In March Ozon, one of Russia’s biggest online retailers, reported a 300% spike in sales of sex toys and condoms.

Demand peaked on March 14-17 when many companies ordered employees to prepare work from home. Sales of condoms and lubricants jumped 147% and 124% respectively compared to the same period last year, Ozon said. All kinds of lingerie and fantasy outfits were also in high demand, with sales of nurse costumes more than doubling year on year.

Russians were also found buying in plenty, garlic which is considered to have anti-viral properties. The price of garlic increased by 11% in February, according to state statistics agency Rosstat.


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