Fourth state in India goes for Water Bells.

Water Bells or water breaks are becoming a phenomenon in India with the fourth state initiating water bells in schools to ensure that children drink water at adequate intervals.w Kerala was the first to introduce water bells or water breaks, which was followed by Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In the latest episode, Telangana has fallen in line with others in introducing water breaks or water bells in schools.

Telangana Education Minister had directed all the District Education Officers to make sure that the schools have water bells or water breaks. In a tweet on November 14 (Children’s day), the Minister gave the direction to the officials. The Minister tweeted in response to another tweet by an activist who had mentioned about how the schools in Telangana could also follow those in Kerala in having water bells. This tweet had prompted the Minister to make a quick decision on the lines of Kerala and other states.

Water bell revolution was first introduced in Kerala schools by the Left government. The water bells ring twice in the morning and once in the afternoon. These breaks are apart from the routine breaks.

The initiative has got wide acceptance and has been welcomed by the educationalists, parents as well as the public. Soon after the Minister’s direction, the Commissioner of School Education also issued a direction to the District Education Officers to direct the principals/headmasters to provide such facility in their respective schools. Moreover, the commissioner also asked the schools report if they have no drinking water facility in their schools.


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