For the first time, Photoinitiators found in breast milk

Breast milk

Photoinitiators which are used in ink of various kinds in food packages, have for the first time been detected in breast milk. Thoughts earlier it was seen to have got into food, it was not known until now that i8t could enter breast milk. However, researchers say that it did not pose any health hazard for the child.

The report has come up in the ACS Environmental Sciences and Technology Letters. The research was conducted in as many as 60 women in the United States. They used mass spectrometry to analyse the samples of breast milk of these women. In the study, fifteen different Photoinitiators were found in different ranges of concentration. The presence of these materials varied from 0.46 ng/ml to 81.7 ng/ml.

Moreover, the presence of Benzophenone, a carcinogenic compound was also detected in the survey of breast milk. It formed about 75 per cent of the total Photoinitiators. Its presence was detected in about 97 per cent of the samples.

Benzophenone is a natural compound found in some fruits such as grapes. Researchers note conclude that Benzophenone could have been added to breast milk because of many factors, they said.


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