For Rao, Food is so precious

Food malleshwara

Food is precious but a majority of the people in the world waste a lot of food despite the reality that thousands are deprived of one time meal. It is here where the story of Malleshwar Rao of Hyderabad is unique. For Rao, food is always precious.

Rao, the food man, collects food from various places and serves it to the poor and the needy in an around Hyderabad. He and his organisation “Don’t waste Food” has become an inspiration not only to the people of Hyderabad but to all who wish to serve food for the needy.

His story is quite inspirational. At the age of five, he was adopted by a social reformed after she saw his plight on the streets. His story is that of a person who has rose from rugs to riches. Though rich, he hasn’t forgotten his old days when he had nothing. His old days of suffering for a meal have led him to “Don’t Waste food”. Once kindness was shown to him and now he was continuing with the kindness that he got from the streets to others.

Rao was born in Nizamabad to a poor family. It was social reformer Hemalatha Lavanam who picked him from the streets and gave him education and all that he needed. Hemalatha was known for her fights to remove Jogini system in Nizamabad. This has always inspired Rao in helping the needy people.


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