For 86 year old Dandekar, age is never a barrier


Most of the older people were restricted to their homes at the time of Covid. But for 84 year old Ramchandra Dandekar, all days were busy with visiting villages. This Homeopath, a doctor of the poor villagers from Mul in Maharashtra in India, was always in his prompt schedule cycling from one village to another.

In his bicycle, he would travel to villages in Mul, Ballarshah and Pombhurna Taluks for treating his patients. For the last 60 years, this homeopathic doctor has not missed this schedule.

Though restrictions for older people were in place and everyone was afraid of contacting the virus, Dandekar was brave enough to travel to the villages for treating his patients. The doctor was quoted as saying that there was not much change in his schedule even though Covid 19 has struck, he said that his work was the same with the same schedule.

His patients are mainly the poor who cannot go to big hospitals in the cities.

Dandekar completed his diploma from the Nagpur College of Homeopathy in 1958. He had worked as a lecturer at the Chandrapur Homeopathy College for a year and later on was completely immersed in the treatment of the poor.

When he has to attend to patients in far places, he travels in bus to that place and then travels to the places and nearby villages in bicycle kept in that far villages. When it becomes late to return, this doctor may stay in some house in the village or the place of his visit.


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