For 2 in five women in India, Internet is a must 

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Men dominate internet users in India but it does not mean that the women are far below in using the net. A survey has shown that nearly two in five women could not function without the Internet for more than a few hours. This came to 37 per cent of the women, said the survey by Internet based market research and data analytics firm YouGov.


About 30 per cent of the women said that they cannot do without it beyond an hour. Another 23 per cent said that they cannot be without Internet for a day. Ten per cent said they cannot go beyond a week, the survey points out.

When looking at male users, 39 per cent said they cannot function without internet for more than a few hours. Te survey points out that 27 per cent said they cannot go beyond an hour.

With respect to urban women, majority of them used the net for online shopping and for accessing social media. The survey said 72 per cent of women used the net for these things. The survey also stated that 65 per cent of urban women used net for checking mails and 61 per cent used for chatting.

While about 58 per cent of women used the Internet for streaming videos, 58 per cent looked at news online. The survey also said that 57 per cent of the women used the online media to streamline songs and 57 per cent for internet banking. The survey points out that women outnumbered men in listening to music through online.

Another thing seen in the survey was that two in five women spend time on the net for gaming. Meanwhile, one in eight women use it for online dating.

Women in general are said to be happy with internet. Many of the women said that they often loss the track of time when online. Many of the women also pointed out that life has become easier with internet.

The women are also seen to be cautious of using the net when people are around. More than half of the women surveyed preferred to be alone while using the internet.


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