Foot pedals in lift to keep away Corona


A shopping mall in Thailand is the talk in the social media and appreciation has poured from many quarters for it. The shopping mall in Bangkok has enjoyed the attention of the netizens for installing foot operated control panels in the lifts as part of its measures in preventing the spreading of coronavirus.

The pedal fitted lift is installed at Seacon Square shopping mall in Bangkok. The customers need not use fingers to pick the floor of their destination. They just need to put a foot on the pedal to reach the floor of   the choice. Moreover, the door is also closed and opened by foot pedals. There is no need for the hand to be used. The mall has come up with such an idea as coronavrus is said to be transmitted by contact.

In the beginning, the customers were a bit surprised to see the foot pedals for entering and leaving the lifts and also to choose the floors. But the customers were soon to accept the foot pedals.

A few customers were quoted in the media as saying that it was an excellent venture to use foot pedals. They opined that this could avoid hands free entry into the lifts.

Thailand permitted the malls and department stores to open as part of its second phase of relaxing the measures.



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