Flowers to Manure; engineering duo shows the way to a greener world


This is not a new story but an old one but still inspiring to those who love to breathe good air and also have a clean surrounding. This is the story of two engineering duo from Gujarat who converted flowers into manure, by which environment pollution was reduced to a great degree. The story of Arjun Thakkar and Yash Bhatt is quite relevant in India where one can see flowers offered in religious places are thrown out in the open or in dustbins or in rivers, thus polluting the surrounding.

Arjun Thakkar and Yash Bhatt are from Harij Gaon in Gujarat and they have done their mechanical engineering from Silver Oak Engineering College. It has been reported that the two got the idea after hearing a lecture about how engineers should be accountable to the problems in the society.

Their start up “Brook and Blooms” has made great strides in Gujarat with the active support of the Local Bodies. Brook and Blooms was incorporated in 2018 and had got an initial funding of Rs 95,000. They started their operation in the backyard of the Gujarat Technical University and later they sent their proposal of converting flowers into organic manure to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The Corporation readily agreed to partner with the project.

The Start up is now said to manufacture about 200 kilogram of compost daily, 12 kilograms of holi colours and 50 kilogram of incense. The product is marketed and supplied mainly through e – commerce platforms. The product also has buyers in Australia and the US. They are also sold through temple outlets and other green stores.


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