Five trillion economy achievable: Narendra Modi

Five trillion economy achievable: Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has noted that it was a great challenge to make India achieve five trillion dollar economy by 2024 but expressed hope to meet the target.

“The states should recognise their core competence and work towards raising GDP from the district level itself,” he said in his opening remarks at the fifth Governing Council meeting of Niti Aayog in New Delhi.

He said that everyone had a common goal of achieving a ‘New India’ by 2022. He reiterated that Niti Aayog had a key role in fulfilling the three manthras of Sabkasath, Sabkavikas and Sabkavishwas.

Noting that it was time for everyone to work for the development of the4 country, Modi called for a collective fight against poverty, drought, unemployment, corruption, flood and violence.

Stating that export was a key factor in developing the Nation, the Prime Minister called for a joint effort by the Centre and States to get progress in exports that could help in raising per capita income.

Reiterating the hope to bring piped water to all household by 2024, he told the council meeting that the newly created Jal Shakti Ministry would pave way for giving an integrated approach to water. He stressed on water conservation and also pointed out that the need for framing rules and regulations for water preservation and conservation.

The Prime Minister also noted the government’s commitment to increase the income of farmers. The focus for this should be on animal husbandry, fisheries, fruits, horticulture and vegetables.  “There is a need for structural change in agriculture and market support is also needed for achieving the goal,” he said.

Modi told the meeting that violence at any form will be dealt firmly. On health care, the prime minister asked all states to implement Ayushman Bharat.


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