Fish waste material to wrap your food packings



Next time when visiting a food store, you may get your food wrapped in bioplastic made from organic fish waste. Not a surprise, but a designer from the United Kingdom has developed bioplastic material that could replace plastics in the future.

The new product, which could be a solution to the plastic menace of the world, has won Lucy Hughes the James Dyson international award. She is a graduate from the University of Sussex and the material that she developed has been named MaruinaTex.
Hughes was quoted as saying that she decided to take up the project as everyone was over dependent on the use of plastics and the damage it caused to the environment. The second inspiration she said was about circular economy. She said that all these made her think of developing something from waste that could replace plastics.
MarinaTex is designed from organic fish waste and red algae. The material is strong, flexible and translucent. She said that unlike single-use plastics, the new material is fully biodegradable.
Hughes has created the material after more than 100 experiments, which were al carried out in her kitchen stove.


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