Fatigue in people with Covid 19

When Are People With Covid 19 Infectious?

Fatigue can be persistent in more than half of the people who had recuperated from the Covid-19, according to a new study in the preprint journal Medrxiv.org.

In the study, the researchers said that fatigue symptoms could persist in severe as well as non severe cases. The researchers used Chalder Fatigue Score (CFQ-11), a commonly-used scale to calculate fatigue.

Study author Liam Townsend (St James’ Hospital, Ireland) was quoted in a statement saying that the medium and long-term consequences of Covid – 19 infection remained unexplored.

The authors of the study examined the severity of the disease in 128 participants for ten weeks. They looked at pre-existing conditions, mental health and various components required for immune activation. They claim that over half of patients reported persistent fatigue. They also analysed discharged patients ad those who were hopsitalised. They said that fatigue affected both groups equally.

They also note that females and those with a pre-existing diagnosis of depression/anxiety were over-represented in those with fatigue.



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