Father – Daughter duo makes a difference in green vegetation



Once in Nayagarh district in Odisha, one cannot go without noticing the efforts of the father – daughter duo in their efforts in transforming a barren land into lush green vegetation.
Radha Mohan, the father and Sabarmatee, the daughter have become popular figures not only in Odisha but also across India with the country bestowing Padma Shri on them for their effortless service.

Radha Mohan is a retired information commissioner of Odisha and Sabarmatee is a conservationist. Both of them transformed a barren land in Nayagarh into a food forest.
Both the father and the daughter had founded Sambhav, a resource centre for agriculture, conservation and organic farming in 1990.

In Odagaon about 110 km from Bhubaneswar, the land was completely barren when Radha Mohan and Sabarmatee came there. They had bought one acre of land and they were told that nothing would grow in that barren land. But now this one acre land became a large sect of land with lush green vegetation.

They used ecological waste to form the top soil and later planted trees. And now the 36 hectares of degraded land has turned to be a lush garden with rare varieties of jack bean, sword bean, clove bean and black rice apart from a large number of trees. There are about 1,000 species of plants and 500 varieties of rice now in the region. They also have a seed bank with 700 indigenous varieties.


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