Facebook Still Remains Topper Among US Adults

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For the Americans, Facebook remains the widely accepted social platform with the only exception of Youtube used by 81 per cent of the adults. Seven in ten adults use Facebook and visit the site daily, according to a new report from PEW Centre.

In its study, the PEW Centre said that 40 per cent of the adults in the US visited Facebook more than once daily. The report said that four-in-ten adults used Instagram, three-in-ten used Pinterest and LinkedIn . The Pew Centre said that a quarter or fewer used Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, TikTok, Reddit and Nextdoor.

In another comparison, the PEW Centre found that 59 per cent of both Snapchat and Instagram users did not say that visited these platforms daily. This was the same with 54 per cent of YouTube users and 46 per cent of Twitter users.


The Study said that Facebook was s broadly popular among all groups of people. It said that 77 per cent or three quarters of the women in the United States used Facebook. However, the report said that a fewer 61 per cent of men used facebook when compared to women.

With respect to educational qualification, the PEW Centre said that about 73 per cent of adults with a college degree or more used more of Face book. Meanwhile, only 64 per cent with a high school diploma or less used Face book. .

About half of the Americans aged 65 and older said that they used the social media platform.


The PEW Centre also looked at the usage of social media among the Democrats and the Republicans. About 72 per cent of the Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents use Facebook. Among the Republicans and the Republican leaning people, 69 per cent said that they used Facebook.

The study from PEW Centre points that the dominance of Facebook among the Americans has come down from the 2018. In 2018, half of the American teens used Facebook but it no longer dominated the teen social media landscape.

In the study, they mentioned that teens in low-income families were in Facebook more than in high-income families.

Seven-in-ten teens living in households earning less than 30,000 dollars a year said they use Facebook, compared with 36 per cent of those whose annual family income was 75,000 dollars or more.


About 36 per cent of the participants in the study pointed out that they regularly got news from Facebook. The study said that the share of adults who look at news in Facebook is higher than the share of adults who look for news in other platforms. When 23 per cent of the adults look for YouTube for news, 15 per cent use Twitter and 11 per cent use Instagram and other platforms.

Among adults, women use more of Facebook for news than men. It said that 63 per cent of women used FB for news when 35 per cent of the men used FB for news. The study also showed that 60 per cent of the Whites, 18 per cent of Hispanic, 13 per cent of Black and five per cent of Asian adults relied on Face book for news.


The PEW Centre said that a lot of Americans trusted Facebook as a source for political and election news. However, they said that 59 per cent of the Americans distrust the platform as a place to get this kind of news that they want. Only 15 per cent opined that they trusted the Face book  for news. Democrats and Republicans alike were much more likely to distrust than trust Face book for political and election news.


About 74 per cent of the adult Facebook users were not aware that the site collected information about them until they were directed to this page. Several adults were also annoyed or uncomfortable when they were directed to their ad preferences page. About 51 per cent said that they were uncomfortable with Facebook maintaining this kind of list,


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