Facebook Shops, an encouragement for small business owners


Aimed at helping small businesses hit by the coronavirus epidemic, Facebook launched its new product Facebook Shop for helping these small time business people. Facebook shops gives an opportunity to create online stores in facebook and instagram, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.

Launching the product through a live stream, Zuckerberg said that the new venture would help in rebuilding the economy. If a store or a restaurant can’t be opened physically, these people can open it online and take orders and deliver them, he said.

Facebook launches Shop as more consumers are now doing online shopping with the pandemic closing all business establishments. The e-commerce business has shown a dramatic increase after the pandemic struck the world.

In Facebook, shops can be created for free. They can even buy ads for their shops. The Shops are seen on businesses’ Facebook pages and Instagram profiles. The things that are made available for purchase will appear within the shop. The users can either save these things or place an order. In some businesses, the users can purchase directly from facebook but in some other cases, one is directed to the business’s website.

Not every shop is the same in Facebook. “When you walk down the road, or I guess when you used to walk down the street, not every shop was the same. We built Facebook Shops with this in mind,” Zuckerberg.

The Facebook Shop provides business houses with the ability to create a central “Shop”. This is accessible from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook will partner with e-commerce companies such as Shopify and BigCommerce to handle the logistics.



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