Face Masks gets into Czech national Museum

Face masks have become a symbol of the society with coronavirus not sparing anyone in the globe. Well, in a sign that coronavirus will become history, the Czech National Museum in Prague has come up with an exhibition of face masks, which has become a real symbol of Covid 19.

Face masks in the public was made compulsory in Czech in mid-March. The country saw its people making their own face masks. Some of the masks displayed in the museum were made by leading fashion designers and others displayed are the handiwork of creative home crafters.

Among the displays, a mask made from cloth on which a 15-year-old boy with autism painted a map of Prague’s public transportation network has got much attention. Another mask displayed is one that is crafted by a woman from the wedding shirt that her husband wore at their marriage.

National Museum spokeswoman Lenka Bouckova told the media that the collection of masks at the museum only showed positive aspect about the country. This is a legacy for future generations, she said. The face mask symbolises that the country was able to face the challenge in a positive way and were able to stick together.  The Czech Republic, unlike other European countries, was able to lower infections as they had made mask wearing mandatory and also took other measures.

The National Museum is set to expand the exhibition with future donations when people no longer need to use masks.



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