Exercise can lower depression risks

11 Minutes Intensive Physical Activity Saves the Heart

Exercise is good not just for your physical health, but for mental health too.

A study has found that those who were physically active were less likely to experience depression, even if they had a higher depression risk score. Even those who had the highest genetic depression risk scores were less likely to develop depression if they had higher levels of physical activity.

The study, first of a kind, was done by researchers, who are from the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

“On average, about 35 additional minutes of physical activity each day may help people to reduce their risk and protect against future depression episodes,” said the research.

In fact, the researchers found that for each additional 4 hour exercise chunk per week, the risk of having another depressive episode dropped by 17%. Both high intensity workouts, such as aerobic exercise or using exercise machines, and low-intensity activity, such as yoga or stretching, lowered depression risk.

Researchers think that depression has several different potential causes, which include genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors.

It can affect people of any age, and the risk can be higher in those with stress, a personal or family history of depression, or certain physical illnesses. Major life changes, trauma, and some medications can also increase risk.


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