Europe, North America holds the most Migrants

Do you know which regions hold the most migrants? In 2019, the figures showed that Europe and North America received the highest number of international migrants that came to around 141 million in 2019.

Middle East and North Africa comes after Europe and North America. About 49 million migrants are there in these regions, according to a joint study by the World Food Programme and the International Organization for Migration.

The next in line is Eastern and South Eastern Asia and Oceania that holds 27 million migrants. Sub-Saharan Africa has 24 million migrants followed by central and southern Asia (20 million) and Latin America and the Caribbean (12 million).

The report also notes that regional distribution of migrants is changing. It said that migrant populations were growing faster in Middle East and North Africa, sub- Saharan Africa and the Latin America and the Caribbean.

The joint study mentions that the largest numbers of migrants are from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. It also shows much difference between regions with respect to cross regional and intraregional migration. It notes that the migrants from Europe, Asia and sub Saharan Africa stay within their own region.

The international agencies note that majority of the international refugees and migrants come from middle income countries. They seek opportunities in high income countries


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