eSanjeevani, the OPD portal makes a difference in health service

Transformative Power of Digital Technology in Health Systems

Six lakh tele-consultation and still going. This is what eSanjeevani, tele-medicine initiative of India, has achieved in just six months. An initiative of the Ministry of Health and the first of the kind by any government, the digital consultation have transformed the healthcare service by providing consultation at homes.

The eSanjeevani platform launched on April 13, reached five lakh consultations on October 12 and it reached six lakh in just 15 days. The government has recommended eSanjeevani at the time of Covid 19 pandemic to get in touch with doctors. sanjeevani

The digital platform has proved its usefulness and easy access for the caregivers and medical community at the time of the pandemic, the government said. Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat have eSanjeevani OPDs for 12 hours a day. They are open seven days a week. This showed that the portal was slowly gaining acceptance with patients and doctors.

More than 6000 doctors are available in eSanjeevani. They hold about 217 online OPDs. Apart from the cities, the state governments are now extending the service in smaller cities, towns and reaching out in rural regions.

eSanjeevani (AB-HWC) is operational at about 4000 Health and Wellness Centres that are linked to about 180 hubs set up at District Hospitals and Medical colleges. As of now, the portal is getting over 8500 consultations a day, which again shows the reach of the tele-medicine system.

eSanjeevani OPD was launched April 13 at the time of the first lockdown. The government has said that eSanjeevani (AB-HWC) will be implemented at 1,55,000 Health and Wellness Centres by December 2022.sanjeevani

Tamil Nadu has the highest 203286) eSanjeevani OPD platforms. Uttar Pradesh with 168553 comes next and Kerala with 48081 eSanjeevani OPDs is in the third position.



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