Emerging Nations And Cooling Dilemma

Emerging Nations And Cooling Dilemma

India, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia and other emerging nations would not be able to meet their cooling requirements, finding themselves in a situation of potential discomfort by 2040, according to a latest report.

Enrica De Cian (professor of Environmental economics at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) led the study published in the scientific journal Nature Communications.


In the study, the authors point out that AC adoption rates will skyrocket over the next 20 years, which will lead more than half of households to have an AC unit. It said that 85% households in Brazil, 61% in Indonesia and 69% in India will have AC. This would lead to an increase in electricity consumption, which will triple in India and Indonesia, and almost double in Mexico and Brazil. The study notes that Adoption of air-conditioning will increase in all socio-economic and climate scenarios.


Enrica De Cian noted that it was not just changing climate or affluence levels that make more people to have AC. The researcher noted that multiple drivers determine AC adoption patterns and they differ across countries. The researchers said that the decision to purchase air-conditioning in emerging economies is strongly anchored to socio-economic and demographic characteristics, housing conditions, education, employment, gender and age of the head of the

The study warns of greater thermal discomfort with increased exposure. Electricity expenditure will limit opportunities among the lowest income household, the study said.


Indonesia and India have the highest numbers of hot and humid days. In India, the study notes that states of West Bengal, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and Orissa have the highest number of hot and humid days and these states. However, these states are not associated with the most widespread use of air-conditioning, the report added. Although Indonesia has the highest values of hot and humid days, households rarely own air-conditioning units, except for the wealthiest districts of Jakarta and the Riau Islands. In Brazil, the state of Rio de Janeiro shows relatively high adoption rates for air conditioners, despite the lower number of annual hot and humid days compared to its northern states, where urbanization is low. In Mexico, the average ownership rates in the hotter states are already high, reaching 73% in Sonora or 77% in Sinaloa.



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