Electronic Nose sensor for knowing your environment and health

Wearable sensor


It is not long that one could monitor the health and environment aspects with the scientists at the Penn State and Northeastern University coming up with a highly sensitive wearable gas sensor.

The wearable gas sensors are reported that they would be commercialised soon and these are much advanced than the wearable sensors that are available now. The wearable designed by the Penn State University scientists helps in enhancing sensitivity and this enhanced nature helps in allowing quick recovery and also to reuse the devise. All this are said to make this wearable more advanced than the other ones.

The sensitive wearable has been developed under a team led by Huanyu Cheng, Assistant professor of Engineering Science, mechanics and Materials Science and Engineering at the University, They used a layer to form a pattern of highly porous single line of nanomaterial for detecting gas and biomolecules and for chemicals in the future. In the non sensing portion, they created a series of serpentine lines that was coated with silver. Once electric current is applied to silver, the gas sensing regions will heat up because of larger electrical resistance.

The scientists also said that multiple sensors may be made in the platform using a CO2 laser that is readily available in machine shops. They also made it clear that they are planning to have numerous sensors , each for a different molecule, which would act as an electronic nose, for decoding multiple components in a complex mixture.

In the pattern, they said that they could detect nitrogen dioxide that is produced by the vehicle emissions. They also claimed that several gases, including sulphur dioxide could be detected using the pattern.


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