Earth School for children to know the environment


Students can have a 30 day adventure tour through the natural world when staying at home at the time of Corona lockdown. The United Nations Environment Programme along with TED-ED has launched “Earth School” which helps in understanding the environment.

Apart from the students, the free and high quality contents will also help students and parents, the UNEP said.

Earth School content comes in reading materials, activities and videos. They are also available in ten languages. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization reported that 1.5 billion students are affected by the Coronavirus lockdown.

The UNEP said that they are launching the programme in coordination with many collaborators, including the WWF, National Geographic and UNESCO. The programme mainly caters to children between five to 18 years of age. This will run till June 5 (World Environment Day).

TED-Ed will create free, video-based lessons on everything related to environment from animals to climate change to marine life. The UNEP said that each of the adventure was selected by an expert panel that caters to each group.

UNEP’s Executive Director Inger Andersen said that learning about natural world would be critical to building a better and sustainable future for all. “Billions of children are currently out of school because of COVID-19. But learning cannot stop. COVID-19 has revealed how deeply interconnected all life on this planet is,” he said.

Founding director of TED-Ed Logan Smalley said that Earth School will help the children, parents and teachers who are confined to their homes to engage in science-based learning and adventures.
The lessons were curated by a team of environmental education experts including Kathleen Usher, Jessie Oliver and Juliane Voss.


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