Earth records its highest temperature of 130 F


The hottest day on Earth has been recorded on August 16 when the temperature in California’s Death Valley touched 130 Fahrenheit (54.4 degree Celsius). This is the highest ever recorded temperature till now.

Earlier, the highest known recorded temperature on Earth was 129.2 Fahrenheit (54 degree Celsius) in 2013 in Death Valley. However, some say that the highest temperature was recorded a century before. The temperature recorded was 134 Fahrenheit, also in Death Valley. However, this is disputed.

The US National Weather Service confirmed that the temperature in Death Valley reached 130 Fahrenheit (54.4 degree Celsius) at 3.41pm Pacific time on Sunday. In a tweet, the National Weather Service, Las vegas said “So hot in fact, that the PRELIMINARY high temperature @DeathValleyNPS was 130°F. If verified, this will be the hottest temperature officially verified since July of 1913”.

The temperature was measured at Furnace Creek near the Visitors Center using a National Weather Service owned automated observation system. This observed high temperature is considered preliminary and not yet official. “If verified, this will be the hottest temperature officially verified since July of 1913, also at Death Valley.  As this is an extreme temperature event, the recorded temperature will need to undergo a formal review.  A Climate Extremes Committee will be formed to verify the validity of the 130°F reading.

Meanwhile, the World Meteorological Organization said that it will verify the temperature of 130°F (54.4C) reported at Death Valley, California, on Sunday. This would be the hottest global temperature officially recorded since 1931.


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