Early Blood analysis could detect psychotic disorder in future


A blood analysis can now detect at a younger age if he or she is going to have any psychotic disorder in the future, according to a study.

It said that the blood analysis could detect if the mild or brief psychotic symptoms can develop to a full-fledged psychotic disorder. JAMA Psychiatry has the study published in its latest edition.

patterns of proteins in blood show who did and did not develop a psychotic disorder

The study was conducted by researchers at the RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences. They studied the blood samples people at clinical high risk of psychosis for a long period. They analyses how the people psychotic disorder was developed in them.

The proteins present in blood samples were analysed. They also used machine learning to assess the data. They found patterns of proteins in the blood samples that could show who did and did not develop a psychotic disorder. They said that several of the proteins were involved in inflammation, which shows of early changes in immune system in people who eventually develop a serious psychotic disorder.

The researchers said that their study showed that analysis of protein levels in blood samples cold predict who is at risk.



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