Drones to detect Corona patients

India approves PLI for Auto, Drone Industry

A drone for monitoring a person if one is infected with Coronavirus or not. A group of researchers at the University of South Australia are developing a drone that could monitor patients from anywhere.

The researchers said that the drones will be fitted with sensors that could monitor a person’s temperature remotely. Apart from this, the drone could also detect respiratory as well as heart rates. The drone is also capable of detecting people who sneeze or cough in groups.

It could identify persons who are at higher risk of transmission. The drone can help at the airport, highways, offices, ports cruise ships and places of high risk.  Sensor Systems chief in the Department of Defence Javaan Chahl is leading the team who are into developing the drone.

Chahl said that the technology was first developed for use in natural disaster zones and war zones. These drones were used to monitor heart rates of premature babies. This could be now used in covid pandemic, he said.

Though it could be difficult to detect all cases, the tool could detect the presence of a disease in a group of people or in a place, he said. Chahl said that the university had partnered with a company to optimize the technology.

The whole system is equipped with sensors and computer vision system.


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