Drones help sheep reach home


Herding sheep is one of the oldest jobs and as the profile of those engaged in it also changed as time went by. Robots were even used by some farmers to bring back sheep. And now, some shepherds in New Zealand and Australia have taken to drones for herding sheep.jsh

The shepherds have said that drones have been proved to be effective in driving sheep through the meadows and also back home.

Many of the farmers are now thinking to move the same way as New Zealand farmer Corey Lambeth, who was one of the first to experiment with drones to bring back sheep. Lambeth had purchased a drone just for playing and to capture the aerial footage of sheep out in the green. And later he thought that drones could be made use for directing the flock. And this wild thought was converted into practical usage and now Lambeth has his flocks drawn home by the flying objects.

He thinks that the sheep may be going home as they are naturally afraid of anything and might me thinking that drones are things that may attack them and start running back.

Drones are said to be of much help in places like New Zealand and Australia that have a different terrain. A drone and a minimum of two shepherds may be able to do the job of a few shepherds and a few sheep dogs. In the mountain path and jagged paths, drones are much very useful.

Drones are making a revolution in many ways. It is not just in herding sheep but many sectors are now using drones. In some remote regions, drones are used to deliver medicines and vaccines. They are even used in fire fighting in some places and even used to fumigate fields.


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