Dress from Barbie for face Mask


With shortage of face mask, the dress from Barbie doll is going for making the masks. The fabric for the future Barbie dolls will go in for the making of the face masks, said  Mattel and Fisher Price.

They announced to convert a part of their production lines and workers to the making of face mask. Mattel president and COO Richard Dickson said in a LinkedIn post that they were doing their best at the time of an emergency.  He said that the design and development teams in CA, East Aurora, El Segundo and NY were producing masks from Barbie and Fisher-Price fabric.

Dickson also said that they are also into making personal protective equipment like face shields for healthcare professionals.

The toy company joins others like Crazy Aaron and Zimpli Kids in the fight against coronavirus. They have given a portion of their production line for producing hand sanitizer.

Apart from converting its production lines for the production of face masks, Mattel has also donated toys to children at the time of the pandemic. Company CEO Mattel Ynon Kreiz said in LinkedIn that their mission was to create innovative products. Krjeiz said that they want to entertain and develop children through play. The CEO said that their mission and vision was more vital now. It is a time when schools and educational institutions are closed and when parents and others seek new ways to encourage their little ones.


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