Dominant pose builds self esteem, confidence in children

A dominant pose is always considered better as it could change a person’s personality. Well, a new study has noted that adopting a dominant body posture will improve self confidence in children and help them feel better at school.

A group of researchers from Germany came out with the study, which was published in School Psychology International.  For the study, they selected 108 fourth grade students. These students underwent psychological tests after adopting power poses or less dominant and withdrawn poses.

Power poses included standing up and leaning against a table with arms spread wide. It also included leaning back in a chair with arms behind the head and feet on a desk.  Slumping in a chair with legs together and standing, head-down with arms and legs crossed are withdrawn poses. The researchers noticed that power poses temporarily boosted the mood of the children

Robert Körner of Martin Luther University, Germany, said that body language is not only related to expressing feelings but it can also shape a person. Robert Körner is a psychologist who looked into power posing on self-esteem and feelings. He said that power posing is all about power that involves bold gestures and changes in posture.

Several studies were conducted earlier with respect to power posing. But all these studies were related to adults and no study was held in children.

The researchers split the 108 children into two groups. Before the psychological tests, one group was asked to take two open and expansive postures for a minute. The other team posed with their arms folded in front of them and their heads down. In the test, the children who were subject to power postures reported to feel better and have a higher level of self esteem than others. Power pose was also seen to be good for children when answering questions.



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