Dogs keep older people physically fit

Dogs are always good friends. And when coming to older adults, the dogs are an encouragement to keep them physically fit.

A new study published in BMC Public Health said that owning a dog could save older people to make them active.

Glasgow Caledonian University senior research fellow Philippa Dall said that dog owners who were 65 years old and above spent on average an additional 22 minutes walking. This meant an extra 2,760 steps a day when compared to those who did not own a dog.

Dall said that the time they spent in walking with their dogs was enough to meet the World Health Organisation standards. The WHO recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity.

They also found that dog owners never sat continuously than those without dogs. The researchers said that dogs play an important part in making the adults to safe physically strong.

The researchers studied the physical condition of 43 dog owners in the UK. The participants in the study were over 65 years old.



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