Dogs have their days in Nepal

Dog kukur

Every dog has its day and this phrase is literally more significant to the dogs in Nepal during the time of Diwali (festival of lights). The second day of the five day Tihar (Hindu festival marking Diwali) is the day of the dogs when they are adorned with flowers, tikka (red mark on the forehead) and given a sumptuous food.

The second day for dogs is celebrated as Kukur Tihar and this was celebrated in Nepal on October 27. Kukur Tihar is an exception when pleas are made during Diwali season to minimise the use of crackers that has proved to be harmful to animals, especially dogs.

In Hindu Mythology and as per Nepalese belief, Digs are considered to be messengers of yamadharma (god of death) and the ritual is observed to appease this god of death.

Along with the pets, the stray dogs also have a nice time during Kukur Tihar. During this festival,, it is not the dogs that gets the love of human beings. On the first day of Tihar, crows are worshipped. On the third day, cows are worshipped in the morning and the goddess of wealth laxmi is worshipped in the evening. On the fourth day, people worship oxen, nature and other things.


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