Disha Covid helpline received a lakh Calls


“Sree Lakshmi, This is me. Shylaja Teacher, the Health Minister,” Kerala health Minister K K Shyklaja introduced herself to the lady who had called Disha Help line number 1056. On April 4, Disha help line received the received the 100,000th call and the call was attended by none other than the Health Minister.

In the last 104 days, Disha- help line number 1056 opened for Covid 19 had attended to calls of distress from people in the state as well in other states and abroad.

Sreelekshmi was from Chennai and the Minister cleared all her doubts. Once knowing taht she was speaking to none other the Minister, Sree Lakshmi had full praise for the Minister for her work. The Minister said that everything was possible because of the team work.

Disha is a helpline of the health department and started functioning in 2013. Disha has a history of dong good service during the time of Nipah outbreak, and Ockhi Cyclone. Witrh Corona outbreak, additional persons were taken for handling the calls. There are about 30 help desks. Two doctors and twelve health workers are available in every shift. Disha has also recruited people who now multiple languages.

Most of the calls are from the elderly persons who are not aware of what to do or whom to call.  Moreover, in some cases, the helpline activists also give counselling to those who cannot go out to hospitals and who are in much distress.



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