Direct selling in Europe largely led by women

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Direct selling in Europe is predominantly driven by women, with an impressive 85% of direct sellers being female, said a survey by IPSOS.

The study further highlights the dedication and experience of direct sellers, as three in five respondents fall within the 45+ age category, and almost half (49%) have been engaged in straight selling for seven years or more.


The survey findings also demonstrate a strong sense of personal affiliation among direct sellers, with 85% feeling deeply connected to the products or services they offer. Additionally, 82% align themselves with the brand values and company’s purpose, showcasing their dedication to the business.


European direct sellers showcase remarkable adaptability, as 68% of them pursue this type of sales alongside another occupation, demonstrating the flexibility this activity offers. While in-person contact remains the cornerstone of European direct selling, sellers under the age of 45 are embracing social media as an effective method for reaching new and existing customers, as well as for customer retention.

An overwhelming 78% expressed satisfaction with their overall experience, indicating the positive impact of this business venture. Moreover, a significant 72% stated that their direct selling experience met or even exceeded their initial expectations.


Educationlevels among European direct sellers vary, with 44% completing their secondary education, while 19% hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and 20% possess a Master’s degree or equivalent.

Beyond financial gains, direct selling has led to significant personal growth for European direct sellers. The survey highlights that 77% of respondents have improved their interpersonal skills, while 74% have experienced increased self-esteem and confidence. Additionally, 72% reported enhancement in business, management, and sales skills through their direct selling activities.

The survey findings underscore the empowering nature of direct selling, particularly for women in Europe, who find fulfilment in their direct selling endeavours while experiencing personal growth and professional development.


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